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The Institute for the Future of Work

31st March 2022

At Still Curious we are frequently focussed on the upsides of innovation. We are fascinated by systems that foster collaboration and encourage entrepreneurship in pursuit of progress.  We help pioneers communicate their ideas, aspirations and achievements as they usher in groundbreaking technologies.

This year we helped to highlight the vital work that The Institute for the Future of Work is doing to futureproof the UK workforce. We were privileged to support them in creating a unique brand identity, designing and building a website, and producing compelling video content for the review into the Future of Work and Wellbeing.

However, working with The Institute for the Future of Work, we were forced to stop and consider that while AI and robotics could bring huge economic benefits, automation potentially also comes with a human cost.  With 30% of jobs at potential risk of automation by the 2030’s, and 44% of workers with low education at risk of automation by the mid 2030’s*, the potential for job displacement, as well as negative impacts on worker wellbeing are substantial. 

The Institute for the Future of Work, and specifically the Pissarides Review into the Future of Work and Wellbeing, aims to futureproof the UK workforce; aiding the design and implementation of new policies and strategies. 

Our brief was to highlight this vital work and we were delighted to support them in creating a unique brand identity for the review. This identity complements the existing brand direction, incorporating elements reminiscent of the passing industrial age into a futuristic look and feel. With our friends at IYA Studio we designed and built them an engaging website that hosts informative yet accessible content, including compelling video content to introduce the project.

Head of Programmes, Dora Meredith, commented that ‘Still Curious were, as always, wonderful to work with, a professional and patient team who delivered a great design.’ We, as always, love working with Dora who brings passion and enthusiasm to such a vital project and we are grateful to learn more about the ethics of automation from her and her team.

Author: Rebecca Day, CEO at Still Curious