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Science is our super power

26th March 2022


With all the progress and advances in science, watching the breakneck speed of the development of the Oxford/AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine in 2020 was truly something to behold. Often these scientific breakthroughs take years, happening behind the scenes in laboratories; the public having little or no knowledge of their development.

With the Covid vaccine, the entire population was there every step of the way as it was created, tested and finally rolled out nationwide in record time. Suddenly, science was something real and tangible as it unfolded live in the media, giving us a unique perspective into the power of science and its ability to transform and save lives.


This greater visibility of the sciences in the mainstream and the positive impact that it has on society will no doubt make STEM careers more attractive and will highlight the importance of scientific innovation for us all.

Compressing a decade of vaccine development into 11 months was certainly no mean feat for the team of scientists, and their almost superhero status in helping to combat the virus will ensure they go down in the history books. The pioneering team from Oxford University behind the Covid vaccine featured female scientists Sarah Gilbert, Catherine Green and Teresa Lambe, and this visibility of the female science professional in particular will, we hope, make a difference in the accessibility of STEM careers for women and those from underrepresented backgrounds.


So how will the sciences continue to improve our everyday lives? Many innovative organisations like Switch Mobility and UKAEA are leading the way, using STEM in the quest to achieve climate change targets and reduce global warming. Switch is committed to zero-emission transport whilst UKAEA is heralding fusion energy as a more sustainable alternative. With the wider public concern around climate change, public support of these scientific innovations is much more likely to encourage greater take-up in the mainstream. Whether it’s greater visibility of STEM innovations or access to free vaccinations, we live in a time where science is real enough to touch and experience in our daily lives.

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Author: Joanna Thomson, Co-Founder and COO at Still Curious